Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cosette's Cosmetics: Mushroom Collection

Don't you just love make-up?
Well of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be reading a make-up blog, right?

Anyway, let's cut to the chase, I love make-up and I specially love cute make-up.
My dear friend Jenn came out with a new collection for her make-up line Cosette's Cosmetics, called the Mushroom Collection.
What is the Mushroom Collection you may ask?
Well it's all related to the most awesomest game ever!
Mario Bros!
Yes, I said awesomest...

Moving on!

So as soon as I heard about this collection I started nagging Jenn about it.
How could she not tell me this was coming?!
Shortly after she announced she was releasing it, I was so thrilled that I bought the whole set in full size jars. I'm so glad I did because these colors are amazing.
I loved the samples I got from her previously, but these are a totally different thing. The Mushroom Collection is super pigmented and the colors are too cool for me to even attempt to describe. I'll leave you with some swatches and some pics of colors I applied on my models.


(Please forgive the quality of pics, I had to take these with my webcam)

Daniela wearing "Princess Peach"

My sister Raisa wearing "Mario"

My sister Desiree wearing "Ice Flower"

Me wearing "Bowser"
This is by far my favorite one. It appears to change colors depending on how the light hits it

As you can see, these colors are super fun. I love that there is a very nice variety of shimmeries and ultra shimmeries XD
Most of all, I have to admit, I love what inspired this collection. The names are adorable and most of the colors do go with who they are supposed to be. I do not agree with some of them, but that's not to say that each and every color is incredibly good.

So, what's the verdict?

Review SystemReview SystemReview SystemReview SystemReview System

Ok, I know I must seem like a very predictable person, but lately every single product that I've gotten a hold of has been amazing.
Cosette's Cosmetics has delivered extremely good quality products my way twice. I am for sure a forever customer. As long as Jenn keeps making make-up, I shall continue buying it.

You can purchase Cosette's Cosmetics Mushroom Collection from her Etsy store. The full size jars I bought were $30. You get tons of product in there. Jenn was kind enough to deliver them all the way to Peru because I would be here for a month and I couldn't wait to play around with these shadows.


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