Sunday, February 27, 2011

Betsey Johnson Slant Tweezer Collection (Tweezerman)

Ahh, our eyebrow, they frame our eyes, they can perk up our look and make us look striking.
These little secret weapons can also go against us, let them be for a week or so and our faces start resembling that of a werewolf! Well maybe not you, but I certainly have that problem and this becomes a problem when your waxing appointment is only two times a month. So what's a gal to do with this situation?
Get some tweezers!
Yeah, yeah, easy enough right? Not!!
There are so many tweezers out there, they range from the ones you find in the dollar store, to the higher end ones that make your eyes bulge out when you learn about the price!

I've always been the kind of person to get the cheapest kind I can find.
Well eyebrows seemed un-important to me, that is until one of my very first waxings, wow what a difference! I was hooked, my faced looked so different, I loved it!

It lasted a couple days though, and then I started to get the little hairs under my arch. I would grab a pair of my dollar store tweezers and be done with it. Yet, I was never fully satisfied, there was always one or two extra short hairs that would not come out for the world! My tweezers could never grasp it and when they finally did, they never came out!
I thought this was a common thing, that tweezers could never do more than what I learned they could. Boy was a I wrong!
There's a reason why dollar store tweezers are only one dollar. Yeah they'll pluck your big and furry brows, but if you want a detail clean job you need a good pair of tweezers.

I've think I've found them. the Betsey Johnson Slant tweezer from Tweezerman is amazing! I've heard of tweezerman and tons of people swear by it but the price seemed too steep to really take them seriously. I mean, I'm all for a high quality product, but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend over $10 for tweezers!
I jumped the boat nonetheless and I am glad I did.

These tweezers are great. They are slanted, great for those hard to get at angles, they look very sharp and you would think that it might cut the hair instead of plucking it but no! They are able to get all those little itty bitty hairs that you could only remove by waxing. I am impressed! Then there's the fact that this collection is ubber cute. I mean Betsey Johnson, wow! I love the design.

My eyebrows upkeep has been much easier since I started using these tweezers. I don't have to wax as often because these tweezers allow for early on plucking. As soon as you see the hair pop out, you can tweeze them!

Anyway, enough of the talk, let's see what grad this amazing product deserves:

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I love these tweezers, I love them and I will never use any other type ever again.
Guess what? Tweezerman offers free sharpening for your tweezers, more info on their website

Picture time!


These tweezers retail for $25 and you can purchase them from Sephora or Tweezerman.


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