Thursday, July 1, 2010

Revlon's ColorBurst Lipstick

A few weeks ago I had a revelation. As I went around my makeup train case, I admired all my lipglosses. Oh my beautiful glosses, in an array of color and formulations. Then I realized something appaling! I didn't own any lipsticks.
How can that be? No lipsticks? Well I guess it makes sense. I lick my lips too much so putting on some color that would stay on for more than a few minutes did not make sense.
Yet, since I've started taking new appreciation for makeup, I decided that I had to own at least a nude lipstick.
I saw on a bunch of Youtube videos how people raved about Revlon's colorburst lipsticks. They said great things about it and when it came to the perfect nude lipstick, Revlon was the way to go.

So I went and searched for it at my local Walgreens, but, DUN DUN DUN! They were sold out!
They had every color except the one I wanted: Soft Nude.
I went berserk! I wanted it, so I searched, I went to all of my local drugstores until I finally gave up.
I was so upset that I even considered getting something else, but my heart was set. I wanted Revlon.

Finally I decided to try again, so to Rite Aid I went, and lo and behold, they had it! I snatched it as quickly as I could, it was the last one.

The packaging is so cute! It has a quilted pattern in two sides of the case which I love. I'm a visual kind of girl, so this was too good to pass up. There is no peek in window on the top but there is a sort of swatch that tells you what color you're getting. Yes, I know that sometimes the color they have on the swatch is nothing like the color inside, but I think that this time they got it right. Be careful though, some of the lipsticks are shimmery, so be sure to check the top swatch, if it shimmers or sparkles then that's what you're gonna get in the product itself.

As soon as I got home I opened my Colorburts lipstick, it was gorgeous! The color matched the swatch perfectly in my opinion and it even had the Revlon name engraved on it. It looked so sophisticated. I applied it and the texture was so smooth and creamy. It glided right on my lips unlike other lipsticks that feel dry and tug on your lip a bit.
When I saw myself in the mirror I was floored. It looked pretty. I was amazed. I loved it, I love it still. I have found my perfect nude lipstick.

I give this product:

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Yes, I know I only own one, but for now that is all I need. I think this lipstick is perfect in every way, I can use it alone with an awesome smoky eye or top it off with a gloss for a subtle wash of color.

You can purchase this product in most of your local drugstores and the price will vary. Mine was $8.99. I suggest waiting for a BOGO offer or buy them in a two-pack like the ones in Target.

On to the pictures:

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~ ClaudsMakeUpCorner ~ said...

Im on my way to buy it right now!

Jessica Ivette said...

great blog! im following...
check mine out

Nasyl said...

@CaludsMakeUpCorner: That' is awesome, let me know how you like it!

@Jessica: Sure thing, I'm going to check out yours right now, thanks for following.

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