Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Maybelline's Expert Wear Eye Shadow Quads

My little sister and her bestie were here last week. We played games and partially watched a movie. Then we went out to get some gelato. As we were walking down Arthur Ave., I couldn't resist walking towards the drugstore. I had to get some makeup. We went it and we started talking about what kind of makeup my sister wore and all that stuff. Apparently she owned some makeup but was unsure on how to apply it on her so that she could get a dramatic look without looking over the top. I took this as a chance to pass on some of my knowledge and learn something in as well.

So we were pondering on what to get. Something age appropriate, inexpensive and easy to use for a teenager. Maybelline was on a Bo Go sale so I picked out my falsies mascara previously reviewed, and we picked up their Expert Wear eyeshadow quad in Time for Wine
The colors were pretty neutral but there was this nice dark color in it that could take the look up a notch and add some drama like she wanted.

After getting home and eating our sushi (Yum!) we started playing around with the makeup. I decided that even though I had several brushes to do her eyes with, we were going to stick with the little applicators since she might not own the same brushes that I did. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy, but they served their purpose.

I did one eye, pausing at each step so that she could mimic what I did, I did cheat a little, I applied Urban decay's primer potion. I never use my eyeshadows without it and since she doesn't own it I decided to give her a little sample tube I had saved from a previous palette I got.

I was really impressed with the color payoff. They were bright colors or anything, they are neutrals but they looked beautiful on her. She has slightly darker skin than me and I think that the colors really complimented her. The colors blended beautifully and they went well together.
One of the neat things about this quad is that in each of the shadows you have some engraved words such as Lid, Crease, Brow bone, and outer corner. This to me is essential for a girl like her who is just starting to branch out into blending and smoking out her shadows. On the back of the quad there is a little instructional guide that can help when you don't really know how to apply eyeshadows. We followed those instructions, letting her see step by step how the look evolved.
With the first three shadows on the look was complete, she could wear that to school or even job interviews, it is a great everyday look.
Now, remember she wanted some drama, so we added the Outer corner color and smoked it out. The look changed so much, it still looked subtle but it made an impact on her eyes. It looked super nice and I was impressed on how much the little applicators helped with it.

So how do I rate this product? I give it:

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Overall I think that for a teenager or anyone just starting out with makeup, this is a perfect product. They have so many different color combinations that are sure to help you achieve your perfect look and the instructions are definitely going to make application that much easier.

Picture time!


You can purchase this product at most drugstores and I believe that ours was under $6.00


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