Thursday, July 29, 2010

Too Faced Fun in the Dark Light-Up Mirror Make-Up Palette (Limited Edition)

After weeks (more like 1 week) of not buying anything from Sephora and almost going berserk, my boyfriend decided that it would be safer having me out of the house and getting something before I hurt him. So onto Sephora we went and boy was I happy. I felt happy again. It wasn't until this moment when I realized that I had been miserable. Oh boy...
Anyway, I didn't know where to start, I've collected so much makeup that I really don't need anything. So the search began for something unnecessary but totally cute and inexpensive if possible. After searching the whole store twice, I stopped by the Too Faced section. I've never tried this brand because it seemed like it was a bit expensive for my taste, and it wasn't like I didn't own a lot of stuff they were offering from other brands. Either way, he only thing in my little basket were my eye makeup remover and some benefit combo set thing that I put in there so that it looked like I was shopping a lot.
I really wanted to try something in a set but almost all the displays were sold out of them, that is until I saw the Too Faced Fun in Dark palette. At first I couldn't believe it. It's this little palette with four eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer, a lip color, and a gloss. The detail on the palette was too cute, the cover has a super sexy pinup look to it of a gorgeous voluptuous girl with her lover getting romantic under a small light. When you open it up you can see that it has a nice big mirror decorated with leaves of some sort, and my favorite part, it has lights!
Yes, it has six little lights, three on the top, three on bottom to help you achieve that awesome look in the darkest place.

I swatched the colors in the store, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't all looks but quality too.
Oh my goodness, the colors very pigmented and gorgeous!
I say gorgeous a lot don't I?
But it's true! Very nice colors, the blush is really nice, and even though I don't use bronzer, I think that the color of this one is delicious.
So now, onto the price, I was so scared because I had found a palette that suited my taste, but I knew it was going to put a small dent in my pocket.
But, have no fear! The it was on sale!!!!!!
Omg, it was too perfect. This limited edition, yes, LIMITED EDITION palette was not only gorgeous, it was on sale.
There were a few left on shelf, but I snatched that little puppy up like there was no tomorrow. I even looked side to side before putting it inside my basket.

I didn't even make it home to open it up, I opened it up at the restaurant where we had lunch. My poor bf is so used to my makeup craziness that he didn't even complain when I demanded to have my Sephora baggy and started to admire my loot.
I swatched the colors again at home so that I could take pictures for you and I was excited all over again, I even applied some color to my lids to see what the payoff would be, and boy is it good.
So where does this product stand in my awesome rating system?

Review SystemReview SystemReview SystemReview SystemReview System

Not only because it's gorgeous, but because the product is of excellent quality too.

Here be the pictures:



Blush and Bronzer
It's only one bronzer but it has a dark and light side to it

Lip gloss and color

You can purchase this palette from Sephora, be aware that this is a limited edition palette, if you want to purchase the time is now. It originally runs for $32.50 but I got mine for $16.25!


corners_of_today said...

cute! i love the names of the shadows :)

Jeannette said...

I know, they are super cute!

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