Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sephora Collection Color Play - 5 in 1

Right off the bat I want to say that this is an amazing product. I mean holy cow!
Let's start by saying this: you can't beat the price for what you're getting here.

Right from Sephora's description of the product:

What it is:
A versatile eye, lip, and cheek set featuring five interchangeable color stories.

What it does:
Create a look to fit any mood or style with five sub-palettes, each of which fits easily into a conveniently portable compact. To switch color stories, just pop out the previous look and insert a new one. New Sephora Collection formulations provide long-lasting wear and excellent color payoff for seriously stunning results.

Each of the five sub-palettes contains:
- 10 x Eyeshadows
- 2 x Lip colors
- Blush

Did you see that? That's 50 eyeshadows, 10 lip colors, and 5 blushes! They've also named their palettes and made it so that colors in each palette can be worn together to create a foolproof look. To me that's a huge plus since I am still in the learning stages of makeup application. Anyway, being that this product has so much to offer and had such a small price tag, I thought that it was going to be a generic drugstore type with sheer colors. Kind of like those $20 dollar makeup cases from K-mart I saw years ago, but no! The colors are beautiful, very vibrant, and in my opinion, very pigmented. Some of the shadows are shimmery and some have glitter. I'm not much for blushes and I own tons of lip-glosses, so I got this just for the eyeshadows and I'm glad I did. Regardless, the blushes and lip colors in each palette do go with the shadows, so I guess depending on the mood you're in all you need is a little creativity and one of the palettes, or if you're adventurous just mix and match colors form all five of them!
Another little perk for me is the fact that I can pop out a palette from the big packaging and pop it in the little carrying case which has a nice long mirror too. To me that is essential since I don't like to carry too much make up around.
The only downside I suppose would be that it does not include and applicator. In my case it doesn't really matter because I use brushes and if you don't have a brush I suggest you get one.

So the bottom line is:
Great palette, awesome colors, excellent price.
I give it:

Review SystemReview SystemReview SystemReview SystemReview System
(5 out 5 lip-glosses)

I totally recommend you get it, you won't be disappointed I promise.

You can get this palette from Sephora and it will cost you $29.50
Here is a picture of what it looks like, sorry about the quality, I took it with my phone.


Added 6/30/10, a smoky look I did with Dinner in Paris (the first palette)




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