Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Urban Decay's All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

I bought this product about a month or so ago from Sephora.com . I was a bit skeptical though, I usually don't purchase things that claim to do so much unless I have some feedback from actual users and this didn't have any on my most trusted online places. Still I figured, what the heck, I took take a chance and bought it for mother's day.

So what's the "All nighter" spray you may ask. Well taken from Urban Decay's website:
This groundbreaking formula mists on, ensuring that your makeup won’t budge for 16 hours. Really. Weightless but powerful, All-Nighter’s temperature control technology keeps your makeup from melting down when it’s warm and humid, or dehydrating when its cold and windy.

Those are pretty big claims if you ask me. Well here's the rundown.
At first glance, the bottle is a bit smaller than I imagined. Granted, you only use a couple of sprays when you apply it so I suppose it would last you a while.
The smell is subtle, com to think of it, I don't think it smells like anything really.
The application is quite easy. Just shake and spray then let it dry.
One tip of advise though, apply this just after your foundation and don't be silly like me and spray it after your mascara. I had a bit of an accident and my mascara transferred onto my skin when I applied this.
It dries completely and it doesn't weight down, you don't actually feel it.
Now, onto the good stuff: Does it work?
Yes and no, let me explain.
My makeup did last longer than usual overall. I tend to sweat a lot, be it winter or summer, and being that is summer I sweat even more, even if I'm just walking I still sweat, yeah it sucks. So my makeup did melt a bit, but not as much as if I had only applied a powder so my face did not have streaks, it looked kind of nice actually (minus the sweat.)

Bottom line is, I guess that if you do not have the same problem with sweat like me this product will work great for you, personally I do like it and I still use it. I'm sure come fall/winter this would be better for me. Regardless I do recommend it and I give it:

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(4 out 5 lip-glosses)

You can purchase this product from Sephora or Urban Decay and it will cost you $29.

So that's it, I hope you liked my review, and if you didn't too bad for you nobody forced you to read all the way to the end.
If you have a makeup product in mind and you want me to review it then let me know and I might go out and get it.

Here are the pictures:

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