Saturday, June 26, 2010

Urban Decay's Big Fatty Waterproof Mascara

Aww, the summer months. Beaches, BBQ's, fun in the sun. Fun until your make-up starts melting that is!

I don't wear makeup everyday, especially in the summer, makeup just doesn't stay in my face too long on a hot sunny day. I doesn't matter if I've only walked a block, I will sweat and we all know what sweat does to makeup. It melts it! Well it doesn't really melt it, but it gets wet and it starts running down your face, plus I have a bad habbit of rubbing my eyes and licking my lips a lot so I have to be picky when it comes to summer makeup.

A great summer pal for me is waterproof mascara. Now I know what you may be thinking, waterproof? It's not like I'm going swimming right? Plus, I have to spend that extra time at night scrubbing it out of my eyelashes before I go to bed. Well that may be, but I sure rather spend that extra time at night than walking around with raccoon eyes during the day.
I was using a very generic waterproof mascara from Avon, and it worked great! Then I ran out. So the search began for a new one. I have my Bare escentuals one but it's not waterproof, altough I must admit that I am in love with it, IN LOVE!
So if you've read my previous posts you'll know that the BADgal one was a total flop. I returned it, thank god for Sephora's great return policy by the way. The girl who handled my return helped me search for another one, we searched and searched and neither one pleased me. I even pulled out my little list of suggestions my lovely gals from the Sephora page in facebook suggested, but they didn't have any of those.

After walking around for what seemed like hours (15 mins.), it finally hit me. What brand is the one I always turn to? Well Urban Decay of course. Well the other girls kind of suggested it first, but let's pretend the genious was all me.
So we went for the big fatty mascara.

To begin, I must say I'm not too fond of the big wand. Well it's called the big fatty for a reason right. Anyway, the packaging is super cute! Yes, I know I shouldn't but I do tend to shop because of how cute makeup looks, sorry not my fault that brands know how to make it look like eye candy. I was scared though, the reviews on Sephora aren't very promising, but I had to give it a try, and as you might guess by my semi-what positive attitude, you might realize that I was glad I tried it.

The mascara is absolutley great! The application was nice and smooth, not dry, not runny, just perfect. The big wand made it easier to coat all my lashes quickly and no transfer anywhere on my lids. It dries pretty quick and it left only a minimal amount of clumping, seriously, I can live with that.

My lashes looked beautiful! Now I can't post a pick of that because I kind of fell asleep before taking a picture, (I know, bad right?) but that just takes me to the other great thing about this. There was no smudging during the long hours that I slept. Super cool!

So, let's get to the good part. I give it:

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Why a four? Well to tell you the truth, even though this mascara is great it still does not compare to the one from Avon. I didn't have time to get an Avon rep. or I would have gone to her first, but I don't want to take away from this product. If you're thinking of buying it then I say you're making a good choice. Go play with it and see what you think.

Onto some pictures now:



You can purchase this product from Sephora or Urban Decay and it will cost you $20


Lisette Jacqueline Bravo said...

this looks good for female that have small eye lashes like my mom

Nasyl said...

Totally, it coats the lashes really nicely

edk.dolce said...

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Nasyl said...

I will totally check it out edk.dolce. Thanks!

Agoraphobia said...

I really want to try this and might get the duo from I have the skyscraper multi-benefit and think it is amazing. I do not buy high end mascaras because I think my avon one is cheap and awesome plus my moms sells avon so I can never run out.:)but it's urban decay and I love there products.thanks for the review

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