Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow

I've never owned cream shadows. I always see the girls on YouTube using Mac paint pots but they are quite expensive and since I have no need for them I figured that I could find a cheaper substitute to start out with.
Almost every time I went to purchase drugstore makeup, I was tempted on buying these, but they were a bit pricey for something I really did not need, so I held off. I held off until they went on Bo Go sale. Now you know me, I will jump at the chance of buying one and getting the second 50% off.

So I initially was going to purchase four of them, but I wasn't sure how I would like them, so I only got two. The ones that I got were Black Magic and Moonlit Jewels. Beautiful colors!
I brought them home and immediately started to take pictures, the colors looked vibrant and super pigmented. When I swatched them on my arm I was not disappointed. They were gorgeous!!!
I fell in love. I couldn't wait to do a look with these to photograph for this blog.
So I got my chance one day when I wanted to go out and decided to use Black Magic because it has pink in it and that is my ultimate favorite color. I applied it with my finger since I do not have any spare brushes to use with these and the instructions actually advise you use your fingers anyway. The color went on nicely on my eyelids. The pink was super nice and it stayed put pretty well. I want to add that I did apply my Urban Decay Primer Potion beforehand to avoid any creasing. I then wanted to blend out the edges of the color, and this is where trouble started. As I was trying to blend out a bit with my finger, the color started to fade really badly. I then applied a little more and blended ever so slightly. So far it was OK. I then wanted to add a bit of a highlight with the white color in the palette to my inner corner and a bit on my brow bone. Again the color stayed pretty well, but when it came to blending with the pink, it was a disaster!

These colors do not blend well together. I felt like I was pushing the color around and the more I tried to blend the more they faded. I gave up on blending altogether and just decided to top it off with regular powder eyeshadow. Luckily my 88 palette from coastal scents has a pink very close to this cream pink so the color looked pretty much the same.

After completing the look I was totally disappointed. I expected something more from this little palette, but all I got was an OK look. My right eye looked pretty nice, but the pink on my left eye had come down a bit and it looked like it was melting.
So so sad. I really wanted to love these colors, I wanted them to be great so that I would have an excuse to pick up all the other little palettes. Oh well. I guess that if you're just gonna use this as a base they would work all right, but they will not work well if you try to blend it.
One little thing I did like about it was the mirror. I loved the little long mirror and the packaging is cute, so I guess that makes up a bit for the lack of ease of use.

So how do I rate this product?
I give it:

Review SystemReview System

*Sigh, I won't be purchasing any more of these. Hopefully I can find another brand of cream eyeshadows that will blend together.

Now some pictures, you will see why I am so disappointed, these colors are gorgeous!


What a shame right?

Here is the look I did using Black Magic:


I bought these shadows from my local Walgreens, I've also seen them in Rite Aid. Mine were $6.99 each.


havewrench2 said...

That has been my experience with them as well. Also they did not stay on for me at all, not even w/primer. It's a shame though because the look on you is very pretty!

Nasyl said...

Havewrench, I know! I really wanted them to work. The colors are so nice! Oh well.... I guess it wasn't meant to be.

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