Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tried and True - Cleaning your brushes

Hey there darlings! Most of you know I'm on a mini shopping hiatus until the 28th because I'm going down to the city to score the very anticipated UD hearts NYC palette from Urban Decay. I will no spend a cent (lies) until that day. Well, at least I'll try no to.
So, I came up with this concept called, Tried and True.
This will be a series that will basically let you know what products or methods I've tried and have worked wonderfully for me. Today we will start with cleaning your makeup brushes.

When I first started getting into makeup, I mean really getting into it, the first brush I ever bought was from Sephora, and it was the Professionnel Small Synthetic Eyeshadow Brush #26. I got this brush because it is good for packing in my shadow, and I like the size because I don't have a lot of eye space so this is perfect!
As time went by I started getting better at applying makeup so I needed more brushes to achieve the looks I was going for. The more brushes I got, the more it got me thinking; how am I supposed to clean these babies?
I was scared, my brushes are mostly from Sephora and MAC and as some of you may know, they aren't cheap. So I needed a method that would really get all the residue from there without damaging them. Onto Youtube I went.
Everybody has their own ways of doing things, and I watched them all! Well not all, but I watched many, many videos. Finally I found this one:

The very lovely Marlena from MakeupGeek explains very simply how to wash your brushes. I do skip the olive oil part because I'm a neutral girl and I seldom use any dark color shadows. Also, when using the baby shampoo, I put some in a little dish with water and swirl my brushes there to get the grime out. This is a great method to clean your brushes, super simple and super affordable in my opinion.

Products I use:
-Johnsons baby shampoo (because I already have a baby who uses it) for deep cleaning
-Sephora's Daily Makeup Brush cleaner for everyday cleaning
-A small petri dish type container
-A small dishtowel to dry my brushes on

I usually use the deep cleaning method once a week and at night time. That way my brushes can dry all night and they're good as new in the morning.
The daily cleaner is supposed to be used everyday, but I don't use my brushes everyday, so I use it only the days I apply makeup of course.

I hope this was informative and useful for you guys, I've used this method many times and it has never failed me, that's why this is my Tried and True for cleaning makeup brushes.

What about you guys, how do you clean your brushes


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