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UD ♥ NYC - Times Square Pre-release

Comments posted after the comment I made on Sept. 7 2010 at 1:15 AM will not count towards the contest. This contest has ended!!

Can you imagine waking up at 5:00 AM and waiting in line for five more hours to get your hands on some piece of makeup?
Well imagine no more, because I did it! It wasn't any ordinary piece of makeup either, it was the coveted, highly anticipated, drool-inducing Book of Shadows Vol. III from Urban Decay.

I'm sure by now you've seen people blogging about it, tweeting about it, or you've heard about it on facebook and whatnot. Urban Decay has created a book of shadows dedicated to the super fab NYC. I live in the Bronx so I decided I would make the trip down there and get it before anyone else. Now, be aware that the palette hasn't even been released on, it was exclusively being sold at Times Square on August 28th from 1 - 9 p.m. Only 1000 pieces were available and the first 200 got free t-shirts.

Here is the footage I got, enjoy!

My very sweet boyfriend surprised me by volunteering to go super early and make the line for me. He got there a little after six am and he was very surprised to find that he was the first one!
People passing by laughed at him and some Sephora employees too! He didn't care though, he explained that this was important for me and he wasn't going to go anywhere.
After a little while they offered him a chair so he could wait comfortably for my arrival. I arrived a little after eight and relieved him of his position. He went home happily knowing that he was going to get away with anything he wanted this week for doing me the favor lol.

Oh my goodness, the time flew! I started chatting with the girl second in line, and after a while we noticed that we our names sounded familiar. It wasn't until we mentioned Peggy, that we realized we were both part of Peggy's Wakeup Roll call! What a coincidence. There we were, complete strangers one moment to chatting about everything the next. So much fun!

As time went by, I started to grow more and more excited. I didn't want to move from my spot for fear I would miss something. Once 10 am came, one of the girls came out and started putting wristbands on us with numbers on them. The displays were brought out and they were really getting hyped up inside. More and more people lined outside and then the sweetest thing happened. The girls from Sephora came out with a big box full of Apple Cinnamon crisps, super yummy, super nice! They fed us! I just thought that was a nice touch and totally worth mentioning. Then a gorgeous super fab guy came out and showed us the palette, he let us take his picture too!
Time was drawing near, and at 1:00 on the dot they came out and started organizing and talking about how they were to proceed. They took us in ten at a time, straight to the registers, we purchased our palettes, got our shirts and scored some samples!
Then we got a makeup consultation with Urban Decay's very own team of makeup artists including the very sweet Eric Jimenez. This man, omg, this man is so fabulous and bubbly. I love him! The way he talks, the way explains things, his whole being is just so sweet, what a wonderful time we had!

Finally, we took some more pictures and very reluctantly headed out. I didn't want to leave! It was such a wonderful event. Oh my, I wish I could do it again!

Now, picture time!


All I can say about the palette is that it's gorgeous. Completely exceeded my expectations. It looks absolutely gorgeous and being a Ny girl, I had to have this. Yes I waited in line for hours, yes my feet hurt a little, and yes I dragged my baby with me but it was all worth it. I'm a die-hard UD fan and as a die-hard fan knows, UD products are worth your money and time. The shadows are as expected, highly pigmented, I love their names and the way they look. I also adore that they include a mini primer potion with it, you can never have too many of those.

Swatches are from left to right, top to bottom

This is the look Fran from Urban Decay came up with for me at the event.

Contest rules:
- Must be a subscriber to both this blog and my youtube channel.
- If you're under 18 please ask your parent's permission
- Open worldwide
- Leave a comment HERE, in this blog spot telling me about your first Urban Decay prodcut. What it was, how did you like it and if you have a picture better yet!
- Only one entry per person.

Contest ends Sept. 7th!

I hope you liked this review.


Laci said...

Thanks for sharing all of this with us Jeannette!! It was nice living vicariously through you yesterday. :D

Is it bad that I don't really remember what my first UD product was? I have soo many. LOL I've really only started building my collection in the past year so it could be the Summer of Love palette or maybe Woodstock eyeshadow. Or heck, maybe it was the Primer Potion. I don't know! HAHA I love all of my UD products because they are so colorful and so well made and make me feel oh so pretty!

Lizzie said...

Great job!

Jeannette said...

Lol Laci, it's not bad. My first was a 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero. I thought it was so expensive but I soon realized it was well worth the money when I started using it.

Laci said...

By the way, your makeup looks gorgeous!! I love the blue on the lashes. Any idea what she did?

Jeannette said...

Laci, now, like I said, they didn't let me film it. I do know that she smudge 24/7 in ransom on the upper lashline and she might have used a colored mascara.

corners_of_today said...

ok jeannette, i am having issues figuring out how to follow this blog :/ but i read it every time you update!! :D and i AM subscribed to your youtube channel...the only one i'm subscribed to!

so first ud purchase was...umm... the get baked palette! and i only liked flipside out of it, but i LOVED the consistency of the shadows, so i ended up trading it with someone. but immediately after i decided i didn't like the gold colors, i bought the alice bos the moment it came out :D AND i bought the apocalyptic nail i am obsessed!!!

(and laci keeps pointing out more ud stuff i need because she is the #1 enabler in my life ;)! )

and jeannette, i still love you for scoring the bosIIIs for us :) i'll probably tell you that every week, or until you tell me i'm annoying haha

<3 Vienna

Jeannette said...

Vienna, you are never annoying. To follow my blog you can use your google, twitter, or yahoo account I think. Do you have any of those? I sort of linked my hotmail account to my google, I don't know how, but that's how I follow people...
I love the get baked palette, I don't own it though bah!
Yes, Laci is such an enabler!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeannette it is Windy. Thanks so much for the UD! My first experience with UD was by trying their UD All star set, I bought some UD Powder to Foundation then started my shadows with the AIW and since then it has been love ever since. I love the Priner potions and the All night spray, I used the other night and my makeup wnet no where. I also use UD Lingerie &Galoshes for lashes and I love it is a waterproofer and primer and I use it whenver I wear UD ... when I wear UD my whole face is UD .... out of all the makeup I have I use my Ud Products the most. I will upload a pic!

misskimmm said...

i was tagged-team by urban decay for my *first time*! it was 1996 and my awesome manicurist, lori, would come to my apartment after i lost my license (!) and she'd lug over an assortment of UD polishes. as if the colors were *enough* singularly, we'd mix asphyxia and smog or pallor and mildew! i not only had "bleeding edge" beauty, but my very own custom colors! like a rottweiler sinking its teeth into a tire as a "plaything", i latched on to my beloved urban decay 14 years ago! if i date a dude two weeks, i call that "long term".
UD + misskimmm = till death do us part.
{can you persuade them into a "new & improved" shadow vault? yes, please!}

Jeannette said...

@Windy: I just saw the pic you posted on Fb. Loveeeeee your collection. Drooling for Alice!

@Misskimmm: What a hardcore fan! 14 years!

Book~Adorer said...

Hi, saw your video on UD's facebook, so jealous! Can't wait to get my palette =) I love the shirt, so cute!

I actually just found out about Urban Decay beginning of this year. My very first product was the Alice in Wonderland palette. I love, love, love it! Bought it off sephora and I use it all the time. Since then i've bought eyeshadows, potions, lipglosses, blushes... Basically i'm addicted LOL. Thanks for the chance to win the shirt and i'd love to see some makeup tutorials from this palette!

Book~Adorer said...

oops totally forgot, I joined your youtube channel but my name is different on there. My youtube account name is - DramaFashionLove. Thanks!

Nicole said...

i purchased the eyeshadow smog as well as the lipstick peroxide years ago... since then my collection grew significantly and i still love every single item i have :-)

Jessie said...

The first UD product/s I ever purchased was the Primer Potion and was obviously NOT disappointed. As far as shadows and actual makeup go, I just recently got the Naked Palette and a Brow Box. I don't know how I've gone so long without Urban Decay shadows in my life!!

Glad you had such a AMAZING day on Saturday!!

Xoxo Jessie

Jennifer said...

Jeanette- I am so excited that you and Lizzie had a great time! If I hadn't had foot surgery I would have soooo been there! I love that all the girls are UD crazy!! My first UD product was the Show Pony Shadow Box (I call it the Scary Girls Palette!). I (and much thanks to Miss Kimmie) am now obsessed. I have a few different palettes that I have grown to love love love!!
Thanks for sharing this!!
P.S. Suscribed to you YouTube (JennySaVenny); where have I been that I wasn't before?!?!

Agoraphobia said...

Hi, Love your review. I love urban decay I have yet to be disappointed with anything from them. The first things I got was the show pony palette and the 24/7 super stash and of course the pocket rocket in James. I feel in love! My stash has grown insanly since. I try to collect the palettes but yet to get any book of shadows. I have the deluxe, get baked and skull shadow palette. Next thing I would like to try is the All Nighter spray, saving up for that. Your make up looks amazing. :)

Jeannette said...

Hey guys, thanks for participating. I'm having lots of fun reading all of your stories.
I just want to remind you all that you must subscribe to both this blog and my youtube channel. I have no way of tracking each and everyone of you, but in the event that you do win and you're not subscribed then I'll have to pass up your name and choose another. So make sure you're following the rules.
With that said, I have to admit that I looooove UD, seriously my favorite brand of all time. Love my all nighter spray and my BOS vol. III. It's the first one I own and I'm so excited to do some looks with it.

l-flora said...

Hi Jeannette! Thanks for sharing with us. I feel like I get to experience it through your story :) and looks like you had a lot of fun.

My first UD purchase was their surreal skin mineral makeup that I got last spring, so you can tell I'm relatively new to the brand. I didn't know anything about UD but fell in love with the packaging (hehe... purple is my fav color). Well,I now own couple of their gorgeous e/s palettes but I still need to learn a lot... so I would love to see more tutorial featuring UD products :))

BTW, you sister is so much fun to watch :)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much, and I enjoy your videos too! You always have a nice and unbiased opinion to offer dearie. :p

My first UD product was the Primer and the eyeliner. I bought them at the same times. I was so freaked out about buying something so expensive, but I was fed UP with my eyeshadow creasing and smudging and seemingly disappearing off my skin! After I tried the primer I knew I couldn't look back, and from that point I am a devoted UD junkie.

Jeannette said...

Awesome stories guys, keep 'em coming!

rawr said...

Hi Jeannette! My first UD product was the 24/7 eyeliners! I was shocked at how it glided on. Actually, I was FREAKING OUT! haha. It stayed a lot longer than my clinique liners (and i'd tried every drugstore brand at the time lol) and so i immediately switched. it doesn't stay on 24/7 for me but i know it does for many. I like how effortless it is to apply and it's so vivid in any color you choose! I also like how easy it is to smudge!

this is melissa btw. melalah on youtube, idk why it lists me as rawr sometimes on here but yeah...haha. Thanks so much for hte swatches. swatches are what will make or break a product for me! i kept avoiding looking at it before but the more i see it the more i want it! lol. I want to play with "last call" and "rockstar"!

Also UD shadows intrigue me because of the color but frighten me because of the boldness. But I'm learning :p

donica said...

Hi! My first UD product was the AIW palette. I loved the movie and got into the promo. I have been loving UD's eyeshadows ever since. I can't wait to get the BOS3 and can not stop using the NAKED paltette. Thinking of trying the new lip glosses. Love your blog!

Mamarazzi said...

Thank you for such a great review! Looking forward to getting my hands on this palette!! :)

My first UD was a small palette of shadows. I am pretty new to UD, switched from Benefit.... My UD Artist in San Diego caught me...and decided to spice up my look. Oh did he ever! I was sold on the small palette just for a taster. It's a black palette with skulls on it...I don't remember the name...sadly. I use 95 percent of the colors in it...just one or two seem too bold for I am a more mature user of UD.

I now have a pretty strong selection of individual shadows...bronzers, palettes, misting sprays, you name it...there isn't much I haven't tried. Brad is so good at always having me try something new...he is almost out of stuff to try...since I have it all! :)

The new glosses are my new loves. I never cared for the pocket rocket's supposed to smell like waffles but it just was not even waffle smelling to me. I have the others in several shades and learned to use some eyeshadows as a base and gloss a look!

Thanks for a wonderful blog. Keep up the great work!!


Jeannette said...

@Mamarazzi, I loveeeee the pocket rockets, except the smell! Omg, it gives me a headache, but James, James, James, James, and his pink underwear. Love!!!

Well guys, only one more day until this contest is closed. I will be picking a winner tomorrow and announcing it in a new blog post.
Good luck to all!

wedanceinmisery27 said...

My first UD product was their deluxe shadow in "honey" I still have it and loove the color! I found it at this little makeup store in the middle of nowhere, wish I could remember where it was because now that I think about it, they had tons of makeup. At least I have my Sephora!


Lisaaaaaa(: said...

My first UD product was their ammo palette and once I got it, I fell in love with it! I loved how the colors were so pigmented and how they worked so well together, I still have my ammo palette & if I were to run out of it, I would so buy it again! well that is after I'm done with my AIW BOS as well since the colors are pretty much the same, but renamed :D

Jeannette said...

Contest is officially closed.
I will announce a winner later today after I go over the entries.
I will make a new blog post announcing it, stay tuned. Remember to be a subscriber to both this blog and my youtube channel or I must pick another winner. Good luck all!

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